Who I am … Beth Hartman

For the last 13 + years I have worked in eCommerce in many different roles from Project manager, Account manager for Top Accounts, Consultant, Sales.  My Favorite role is a Consultant. I love to research and find what will be best for my customers. I love to help marketing teams move in the right direction for eCommerce store owners.  I love having input in the direction of products and services that are right for store owners.


Sometimes your path and your work path go in different directions so it was time to leave corporate America and go on my own, so I can guide eCommerce store owners to the right resources for what they need, research what is new, and consult  like I want to do without any restrictions.


My specialty is Yahoo Small Business, I love the platform and believe  the power of the RTML and how search engines like the code if done correctly. I realize that some are outgrowing  the platform so my first agenda will be to research other options such as Magento, 3d Cart, Volusion to name a few and see what would be best for the next phase of eCommerce growth.


I have consulted for many large companies and have excellent references, Feel free to jump over to linked in and read a few if you are bored. www.linkedin.com/in/bethhartman/ or Give me a call and we can talk about it as well as what your business may need.